Jews for Jesus: charity review

This is a charity review of Jews for Jesus, an organisation that invites donations online, and is exempt from Australian income tax via its membership of Missions Interlink.

Last year, in a repeat of the previous year, Jews for Jesus submitted a Financial Report to the ACNC that was well short of what was required, and therefore a poor basis for assessing the use of your money.

Last year I sent them a copy of my draft review. They did not respond.

This year, Jesus for Jesus has again submitted a Report that is similarly lacking[1].

End of review.



  1. For instance, there is no audit report, two of the required financial statements are missing, there are no Notes to the accounts, and the Directors’ Declaration is unsigned. ↑


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  1. Ron 16/06/2018 / 7:06 pm

    Thnx Ted for your persistence

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