‘A word’ for you, Hillsong Brian

Hillsong Brian has just announced an internal promotion: his Perth pastors are off to New York. Apparently this occurred during his presentation of Hillsong’s 2021 plans.

The same report said that ‘he had received three words from God for the upcoming year: rescue, restore, and rebuild’. He connected these ‘words’ to Hillsong New York.

It is interesting that A21, the anti-slavery charity integrated into Hillsong’s website and financially supported by Hillsong (and whose co-founder, Christine Caine is due to speak at Hillsong’s ‘Colour’ conference), also has three words to describe its strategy: reach, rescue and restore.

Brian, I too have ‘a word’ for you. Not a special ‘word’ from God, but one that is woven into his Word, the Bible.

Continuing the slavery theme, you might have a look at Destiny Rescue’s model:

You seem to lurch from one crisis to another. I suggest that when you ‘rebuild’, you add prevention.

Your leaders – all Christians – need some ego inoculation, some greed inoculation, some inoculation against self. And there’s only one sure way to get that: a full revelation of the work of Christ for us (Romans 5:6-8), as us (Romans 6:6-7), and in us (1 John 4:13), which will then allow Christ to work through us (John 5:17-19). We will then automatically turn to the Word of God, a Word that has prevention strategies, we will be listening to the Holy Spirit, a Spirit that prevents us from doing harm, and we will be talking to wise saints who know us, saints who can prevent us from straying.

Romans 16:25-27. Let’s get……..Back to the Gospel.


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