The Moses Statement: an unjustified request?

In an undated post on Cauldron Pool, three ‘Ministers’[1], a ‘Pastor’[2] and an Elder[3], recently ‘respectfully and dutifully’ urged our PM and the Premiers to “allow Christ’s church to gather together for public worship.” To date another 381 ‘church leaders’ have also signed ‘The Moses Statement’.

The body of the letter makes it clear that the subtitle ‘Let God’s People Worship’ is a reference to Moses’ repeated request to Pharaoh to ‘Let my people go’[4]. This occurred because God’s people, a great nation, were in soul-destroying bondage. They had no close relationship with God and no land of their own. Through Moses and a series of miracles, God not only delivered them out of slavery, but into a new relationship with Him. Huge.

What then is happening to Christians in Australia to justify the invocation of Moses?

Nothing. All that’s happened is that we have been stopped from gathering in our church buildings. Is this an action against churches? No. Against Christians? No. It’s merely part of a society-wide prohibition on gatherings because they are unwise on public health grounds.

Are we justified in seeking an exemption from restrictions on the grounds that God requires us to participate in ‘public worship’? If there is such a case, the authors have not made it. Including making no mention of the case for church leaders to protect their congregations from a disease that is highly contagious and potentially deadly.

Let’s get….Back to the Gospel.



  1. Robin Tso, John Forbes, and David Kerridge.
  2. David Lachman
  3. Thomas Eglinton
  4. As recorded in the book of Exodus in the Bible.


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